FOGG Alert – May 31, 2012


Dozens of FOGG Supporters ‘took a walk’ at the Tuesday, May 29, 2012 SF Port Commission meeting when the Commissioners rubber stamped the 8 Washington Street/SWL351 luxury condominium project.

After sitting through a tedious and predictable half hour presentation by Port staff of why the Commissioners should approve the project, we had our turn.

Janet Lautenberger presented our ‘YOU DO NOT LISTEN’ ultimatum as to why we are steadfastly united in opposition to the development and have plenty of fight left.  We are not going to just sit around and accept the Port’s decision. You may read her statement by clicking on the ‘May 2012 Port Commission Statement’ on this website.

After Janet’s statement, the FOGG Supporters stood up and walked out of the room!

A hearty ‘Well Done’ to all who attended.  We thank you.

We also want to thank Theo Armour for recording the event.  As soon as it is available we will put it on our website for viewing.

A few of our people stayed on to present more testimony in support of our position, but FOGG’s actions took the steam out of the remainder of the meeting.  The Commission Meeting Room became 2/3 empty after we departed.

There’s still long and difficult work ahead, but we did show that our FOGG volunteers will continue to be with us in larger numbers than the opposition thought possible.

Two pending Board of Supervisors Committee hearings are just ahead of us:

Monday, June 4, 2012.  Land Use Committee, 1:00 pm – City Hall

Wednesday, June 6, 2012.  Budget/Finance Committee, 10:00 am – City Hall

By this coming weekend we should be able to send you more details on these important meetings.

In the meantime FOGG again thanks all of you who attended the Port Commission meeting.  A great job of letting them know we are still in this to win.

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