FOGG ALERT – June 20, 2012


FOGG thanks all who attended out informational meeting on Saturday, June 16, 2012.  You heard from our coordinating team what we must do in getting our referendum on the November 2012 ballot, or later if circumstances warrant.  Our goal is to have the voters of San Francisco decide whether to allow ‘spot zoning’ along the Embarcadero – the first height increase in 50 years.

This referendum is part of our efforts to prevent the building of luxury condominiums that will demolish the existing Community Recreation Center – the GGT&SC.

THE TIME IS NOW, and we must act swiftly if we are to succeed. Once the Mayor signs the ordinance to approve what the Board of Supervisors rubber stamped we will need 19,405 validated San Francisco voter signatures in 29 days!!!  This means we will probably need another 10,000 to assure that all signatures are validated – 29,000 total!!

Are we up to the task? That will be up to each of you to decide, and we believe it can be done.  We have an organization in place and will have professional support in obtaining signatures, but they can’t do it alone.  We will need all the volunteers we can get to help with gathering signatures. There are also a number of other community organizations who will and can help, but our FOGG volunteers will be counted on to provide both time and effort to show the way.

This effort is being led by Jon Golinger, community activist, president of Telegraph Hill Dwellers, and knowledgeable in this type of grass roots effort.  Jon recently was successful in organizing and obtaining ballot passage to prevent destruction of the Coit Tower murals. Thanks Jon for coming aboard.

FOGG will be working with Jon in heading up a separate citizen organization -“NO WALL ON THE NORTHEAST WATERFRONT.”  They have an office and headquarters at 15 Columbus Avenue, directly across from the Transamerica Building, street level (at Montgomery).  FOGG needs our supporters to help man these quarters for a few hours each day under the supervision of a professional. This is critical as we need to be in daily contact with those in the field gathering signatures.       

FOGG will also need many volunteers to obtain the signatures of San Francisco voters in a number of local areas around the Gateway, Safeway, the GGT&SC, Farmers Market, and throughout San Francisco.

We need to begin signature gathering as soon as the Mayor signs the ordinance.

We will provide you with petitions, visuals, and the needed equipment to present properly our request for signatures.

Petition training and pickup will begin this Saturday, June 23rd at the 15 Columbus Avenue headquarters.  We start at 10:00am.

Please respond to now.  Tell us you will help!

FOGG is certain that our supporters will, as they always have, step forward in this time of need.  Without you we would fail, and this is not the time to turn away.

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