FOGG ALERT – June 24, 2012


Both the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor have approved the upzoning of San Francisco’s waterfront for the 8 Washington Street luxury condominium project.

It is now time for our supporters to provide the financial support we need to defeat this ordinance.  We need to help pay for the expenses of putting on the ballot our Referendum to defeat the ill-conceived ordinance.

Your continuing donations are vital to this effort.

Checks should be made out to “NO WALL ON THE NE WATERFRONT COMMITTEE.”  They should be mailed to Friends of Golden Gateway, P. O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA 94126.  FOGG will see that they are committed to the petition Referendum account.

The headquarters for the No Wall On The NE Waterfront is at 15 Columbus Avenue (at Montgomery) across the street from the Transamerica Pyramid.  If you have any questions about the referendum or petition drive you may call 415-894-7008.

FOGG knows that our supporters will continue to contribute and provide the needed support for securing a final and City wide positive decision that will assure our success.

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