FOGG Open Letter – June 26, 2012


Together, we have seen a great deal of adversity these past weeks at City Hall.  The fix was in.  Money bought votes.  We assure you FOGG is continuing with its Coalition members, volunteers and supporters to move ahead with a number of positive programs that benefit so many in our community.

Thanks to a good number of generous donors and the support of the GGT&SC, the FOGG Summer Kids Camp Scholarship Program exceeded our expectations.

We achieved our best number of youngsters from low income neighborhoods beyond what FOGG has done in the past three years.  Sixteen kids now have the opportunity to join with their peers in the summer program in a safe and friendly family environment.  We thank you for your support. Thanks again to all who saw fit to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause. 

Our Fund Raising event on June 21, 2012 was a great success.

We thank our Fund Raising Committee, under the direction of Chair Janet Lautenberger, Yvonne Sharpe, Debra Smith, Tricia Weaver, Fermin Nasal, and Karen Mack, the prize donors and the many volunteers.  They put together a really fun evening and a financial success.  The money raised will help us continue the fight to preserve San Francisco’s northeast waterfront and our Community’s Outdoor Recreational Center (GGT&SC).

Our special thanks go to District 3 Supervisor and Board President David Chiu, for attending and providing words of encouragement.

We thank David for explaining to us what happened at City Hall and his disappointment in his follow Supervisors.

Finally, the number of supporters who have agreed to help our Coalition obtain the necessary petition signatures to put a Referendum on the ballot is way more than we expected.

We have a long way to go in a short time.  The many who have stepped up to work with us on this critical project gives us encouragement.  We sincerely appreciate the volunteer time you are giving to this effort.

Thanks to everyone who has provided the vital support in both time and dollars as FOGG moves ahead with confidence.

We look forward to hearing back from you by replying to if you want to help.


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