FOGG Alert – July 16, 2012


 We are down to the FINAL DAYS of the Petition Drive.

 FOGG thanks all of you who have given so much time and effort these past several weeks.

 For those FOGG supporters who have been gathering signatures, PLEASE TURN YOUR PETITION BOOK IN BY WEDNESDAY, JULY 18TH BY 8:00 PM.

 Please see this following message from Aaron Peskin with important details about the final days of the Petition Drive.

 There is still more to do.  Let us make these final days really great! 

From: Aaron Peskin

Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 12:21 AM

Subject: 8 Washington:  make the day and hours count!


 We are about to embark on the most important days of our efforts. After years, it comes down to 3 days. Our work in these final days and hours will determine if we succeed or fail to place a referendum on the ballot to stop the construction of 8 Washington. It hasn’t been done for over a generation but I know we can do the “impossible” with your help.

Our opponents are frightened – this past weekend, they deployed dozens of signature blockers across the city to slow our efforts. We expect them to be out in full-force in these final days. Do not be discouraged. We cannot let their lame, undemocratic behavior thwart our efforts.

Important information:

All signatures are due Wednesday, July 18th by 8:00 pm. If you cannot drop off your signatures to 15 Columbus by then, call our office at 415-894-7008 to make arrangements. Every signature matters, so please – return every last petition with ink on it. If you can’t drop it off, we will make arrangements to pick them up!

  • If you encounter signature blockers, call the office immediately to consult us. 415-894-7008
  • We need volunteers who will process signatures between now and Thursday. Come by the office for more information or call 415-894-7008.
  • If you haven’t gotten a petition come down and get one. A few more signatures may make the difference. Come down to 15 Columbus Avenue on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm and get a petition!

Make these last days count and have fun making history!


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