FOGG Alert – August 16, 2012

State Lands Commission Buckles Under

As expected, the State Lands Commission voted in favor of the SF Port to transfer Seawall Lot 351 – Public Trust land – for a parcel on the proposed 8 Washington Street luxury condominium project.

Bending to the pressures of high stake donors and politicos, mainly Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, the Commission voted 2-0 with one abstention.  Newsom, we understand, was insistent that the vote be taken now.  You can read more in this recent SF Bay Guardian article.  Article

His pressure tactics disregarded the fact that over 31,000 citizens of San Francisco from every District signed a petition to put a referendum on the ballot, which will probably not occur until November, 2013.

FOGG questions the legality of the State Lands Commission actions.  Former SF City attorney Louise Renne made this clear in her August 7, 2012 letter to the Commissioners when she wrote “you do not have a currently valid 8 Washington Street/SWL351 project before you for consideration.  Approvals of the project are suspended by law.”

FOGG supporters will not be deterred by such political power antics as we continue to focus on our mission.  It just heightens the energy level and feeds our efforts to succeed.

We will keep you updated as this action continues to evolve.  We look forward to your comments.

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