FOGG Alert – August 31, 2012

ACTION!!  – Attend the Supervisors Meeting – Tuesday, September 4

The SF Board of Supervisors will be meeting on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.  As you are aware, the Supervisors at that meeting will be re-voting whether to repeal the 8 Washington Waterfront Height Limit Increase Ordinance (104-12).  The Board had previously approved this Ordinance on an 8-3 vote.  The Ordinance cannot be amended.  It has to be a yes or no vote.  Or, the Supervisors could defer this vote to a future Board meeting.

We need your help.  FOGG asks you to attend this meeting.

We ask that you arrive at City Hall no later than 2:30pm.  We will meet in the North Light Court (the Café), lobby level.

You will receive updated information and badges to wear.

The Agenda calls for the Supervisors to make their decision at 3:00pm.  

It is expected that public testimony will be allowed prior to a re-vote for those interested in speaking on the issue.  Time per speaker will probably be 2 minutes.  If you want to speak, please address the key points:  “Height Limits; Bulk; No Wall on the Waterfront.”

If the Supervisors still vote approval of this Ordinance, our successful referendum efforts will be on the ballot in November, 2013.  Let us continue to tell the Supervisors that FOGG and our supporters are in this fight for the long haul.  Please attend this meeting on Tuesday, September 4th.

We want to thank those many FOGG supporters who attended the “No Wall” press conference at City Hall on Wednesday, August 29th.  Our message for “No Wall on the Waterfront” certainly helped our cause.  See the SF Examiner story at this link.  Article

A special thanks to No Wall Campaign Director Jon Golinger for organizing this event.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 4th – 2:30pm at City Hall.

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