FOGG Alert – September 22, 2012


As you are aware, the Height Limit Referendum is scheduled for the November 5, 2013 San Francisco ballot.

FOGG wants you to know that the people who support the 8 Washington Street luxury condominium and underground parking garage being built are doing everything possible, even ignoring the rules, to prevent the success of the ‘No Wall’ Referendum vote.

The SF Port is planning a counterattack to our Referendum ballot measure.   Please see the following articles.

SF Examiner Article

SF Gate Article

FOGG, our ‘No Wall’ allies and Coalition partners are vigilant in our mission to save the waterfront and open recreational space for all of San Francisco and its visitors.  We cannot let the developers and their political and financial cohorts control what happens in our City at the expense of the majority of San Francisco citizens.

With your continuing support, we have the momentum and will win.

FOGG Alert – September 8, 2012


The Board of Supervisors, as expected, voted 8-3 not to repeal the 8 Washington Waterfront Height Limit Increase Ordinance (104-12) at their September 4, 2012 meeting.

They favor exclusive, gated, high-rise luxury condominiums and an underground parking garage on our existing community recreation center, the GGT&SC.  The Board had previously approved this Ordinance in June.

Even though the NO WALL Coalition obtained over 31,000 SF voter signatures, the same 8 Supervisors went along with the developer and his political and financial power brokers that have a very self interest in this ill-conceived project.

Please read this article from the SF Examiner which provides additional details.  Article

Board President and District 3 Supervisor David Chiu gave a very impassioned presentation on our behalf.  He was joined again by Supervisors John Avalos and David Campos.  We thank them for their continuing support.

We also thank attorney Louise Renne for her excellent opening statement, together with a number of FOGG supporters who provided additional testimony.  We also thank those who attended the meeting to show the Supervisors and the developer that NO WALL and FOGG are out in front of them on what happens in the future.

We now move on to November 5, 2013.  We must keep our focus on our goal of preserving active open recreational space in our community.  There is a great deal of work ahead of us, and we expect the developer and his political and financial backers to battle us from now until the November 2013 election.

FOGG and the NO WALL Coalition will be calling on each and every one of you to work as hard and as dedicated as you have in the past.

We have the momentum and with your support we will succeed.