Happy Thanksgiving from FOGG

Happy Thanksgiving!

FOGG wishes to take a moment and thank all of our supporters for your help in making 2012 a very successful year.

While there is much that needs to be accomplished in 2013, we have a great deal to be thankful for.

It has been over nine years since FOGG was established to preserve the open recreational space at GGT&SC as was intended decades ago.  This beautiful facility has been here for over 45 years.  Thousands of families, their kids, seniors, and workers throughout the City and Bay Area use it every day.

With your continuing help, we intend to keep it that way!

FOGG wishes to thank our legal team, headed by Sue Hestor, Louise Renne and Susan Brandt-Hawley for their knowledge and success in fighting for FOGG in the legal arena.  We have a number of lawsuits in process and are awaiting action on an appeal.  We will keep you updated as we move forward.

Brad Paul has been great in presenting FOGG’s case to other community groups and building a strong coalition.  We really appreciate Brad’s work.

We thank Jon Golinger and Aaron Peskin for engineering the successful “No Wall” petition drive.  Large numbers of FOGG volunteers worked with them to gather over 31,000 signatures to put the Referendum on height limits along the Northeast Waterfront on the November, 2013 ballot.

FOGG’s Summer Kids Camp Scholarship Program was our best ever this past summer.  Thanks to all who financially committed to the program to send youngsters from low income housing to this one-of-a-kind Camp. Our success this year will enable us to send more kids this coming summer.  Also thanks to the Club staff who dedicated so much time to this wonderful program.

Thanks to Janet Lautenberger and her crew of volunteers for a successful summer fund raiser.  Funds are constantly in need to help pay for our legal and community efforts.  We’ll be reaching out to all of you next year and know you’ll be with us.

Special thanks to HEAT Advertising Agency.  Steve Stone and his talented staff provided FOGG and “No Wall” with a number of brilliant visuals for our campaign to save the GGT&SC.  HEAT created the unforgettable “NO WALL” poster.  Job Well Done!

FOGG has the strong support of our District 3 Supervisor and Board President David Chiu, who worked on our behalf together with Supervisors David Campos and John Avalos.  Their support is really appreciated.  We know we can count on them in 2013.

Finally, we thank the tremendous outpouring of so many volunteers and donors.  We owe a debt of gratitude and sincere thanks for your many hours of effort and dollars.

We are encouraged and energized by the new volunteers who have joined us.  You have given us added strength to continue and know that you will strive for our goal to preserve this open recreational space we all call our home away from home.

FOGG wishes you, your family and friends a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Thank you again for your help.

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