FOGG ALERT – March 21, 2013

Participatory Budgeting in 3rd District

Here is real democracy in action. You have the opportunity to vote on issues that concern you in your own District thanks to Supervisor & Board President David Chiu, staff member Amy Chan, and the many 3rd District Community organizations who participated in this community effort to involve as many citizens of the 3rd District in voting on projects you deem important to improving our neighborhoods.

It is called PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING and is real democracy in action.  A resident, who is 16 years or older, regardless of citizenship, can vote on how to spend $100,000 allocated by the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year discretionary funding.  You have the opportunity to vote on what you feel are the most important five of the sixteen issues that community participants selected during a number of public meetings.

Supervisor Chiu is initiating this Participatory Budgeting Program in District 3 as a pilot program.  If successful, it can be incorporated in the next budget session and applied to the other City Districts.

The 2013 Participatory Budgeting Voting Schedule with locations and the 2013 Official Ballot can be read at the link on this website.

FOGG is sure that our District 3 residents will be eager to participate in the effort to better our community.

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