FOGG Alert – April 18, 2013

ACTION – Urge SF Democratic Party to Vote NO

Those of you on the ‘NO WALL” mailing list have already received the Action Alert at the end of this posting.

We hope you are sending your emails to the SF Democratic Party to vote NO on the 8 Washington waterfront height increase on the November 2013 ballot.

FOGG now asks those receiving this Action Alert for the first time to please read it.

We ask that you email the SF Democratic Party and let them know of your opposition to the proposed 8 Washington project.

FOGG also urges as many of you as possible attend the SF Democratic Central Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 and publicly state your opposition.

We look forward to seeing you on April 24th.




Great news: at the April 24th meeting of the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee, committee members will be considering an agenda item to officially put the SF Democratic Party on record opposing the 8 Washington “Wall on the Waterfront” referendum measure on the November ballot.

Thanks to agenda item co-sponsors Supervisor David Chiu, Supervisor David Campos, Supervisor John Avalos, and Leah Pimentel, this will give the elected members of the San Francisco Democratic Party’s governing body the opportunity to join with the Sierra Club, the Affordable Housing Alliance, and the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods in taking a clear stand on this important issue now. The 8 Washington Referendum qualified for the ballot over 8 months ago, and the time to take a stand is now.

Lobbyists for the 8 Washington developer are frantically making phone calls to pressure committee members to postpone this important vote for no reason other than that they are worried they will lose. Please take these actions today to encourage Democratic Party members to stand up for our waterfront:

1) Send an email today to San Francisco Democratic Party Chair Mary Jung at or call (415) 626-1161 and urge Chair Jung to vote to oppose the 8 Washington Waterfront Height Increase on the November ballot.

2) Show up at the SF Democratic Party Central Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. inside the California State Building at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Milton Marks Auditorium. Public comment will take place early in the meeting and all are encouraged to speak.

More information about the San Francisco Democratic Party is available at

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