FOGG Alert – May 23, 2013

SF Democratic County Central Committee Supports our Ballot Referendum!!!

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee voted to support the NO WALL/FOGG November 5, 2013 San Francisco Referendum ballot measure at their Wednesday, May 22, 2013 meeting!!

The SFDCCC agreed to support a “NO” vote against increasing the height limits on the 8 Washington project.

We thank the members of the SFDCCC who voted for our position.   In particular a very special thanks to David Chiu, our District Three Supervisor and Board President who made a stirring and positive presentation to his fellow members.  Great job David, we really appreciate it!

We also must thank our many FOGG members who presented testimony.  The turnout of our supporters is deeply appreciated.

This is an important victory.  There is still a long way to go and much work that needs to be accomplished before the November 5th vote.  This SFDCCC victory gives us the impetus to move forward.

Let’s all enjoy this moment of success and move on with positive and optimistic determination.

We will need your help more than ever and know we can count on you in the coming months.


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