FOGG Alert – July 2, 2013


We are excited to share more good news with you concerning the November 5, 2013 San Francisco election.  As you are aware, the voters will decide YES or NO on increasing the height limits for the 8 Washington Street hi-rise luxury condominium project.

Two more San Francisco Democratic Clubs have signed on to support the NO WALL coalition opposing the 8 Washington project.

Thanks to the efforts of our NO WALL team, the South Beach and the 3rd District Democratic Clubs are part of the growing number of organizations and individuals joining in support of the referendum  ballot measure November 5 – NO WALL ON THE WATERFRONT.

Concerning the SF election Voter Guide, FOGG once again must thank David Chiu, our District Three Supervisor and Board President, for succeeding in putting together an ordinance that reduces the size of the November 5 Voter Guide.  The pro 8 Washington people wanted to use this tactic to encumber the voters with a $1.7 million bill and 500 hundred unnecessary pages. 

Also, NO WALL is looking for volunteers to distribute NO WALL material at the upcoming July 4th Holiday Mime Troupe shows.

FOGG volunteers will have the opportunity to spread the word while enjoying the shows.  If you can help, please give the NO WALL Headquarters a call at 415-894-7008.

Details on all above items are shown below in NO WALL’S June 28 report.

From: No Wall on The Waterfront SF

Date: June 28, 2013

Subj: No Wall on the Waterfront Campaign Update – Friday, June 28

Problem of “Phone-Book Sized” SF Voter Guides Fixed

A key San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee this week unanimously approved an ordinance by Board President David Chiu that will save city taxpayers an estimated $1.7 million in extra printing and mailing costs for the voter guide for this November’s election.  The ordinance addresses the unusual problem created by the first-ever city ballot measure with official text over 500 pages in length, the 8 Washington referendum.  Current city law requires every page of the official text to be printed in the voter guide, no matter its size.  Last June, lawyers for the 8 Washington luxury condo tower developer persuaded the Board of Supervisors to attach over 500 pages of redundant charts, tables, and memos as part of the official text of the 5 page ordinance approving increased waterfront height limits at 8 Washington Street.  This was done to make it prohibitively difficult for citizens opposed to the project to qualify a referendum on the 8 Washington height increase for the ballot.  Nevertheless, the referendum qualified for the ballot.  Under the new ordinance, in the rare instance of a ballot measure exceeding 100 pages in length, only the first 20 pages of such measures would be printed in the ballot pamphlet with the rest of the text available for free upon request.  San Francisco taxpayers will now not be forced to pay the price for political maneuvers by the 8 Washington developer that failed to stop citizens from qualifying a referendum on height limit increases for their project.  President Chiu’s ordinance solves this one-of-a-kind problem without unnecessarily curbing voters’ right to know.

Opposition to 8 Washington Wall on the Waterfront Grows

Two more San Francisco Democratic Clubs have joined with list of groups opposed to the 8 Washington Wall on the Waterfront ballot measures.  This week, after hearing from both sides of the issue, the South Beach Democratic Club and the District 3 Democratic Club voted to officially oppose the 8 Washington height increase ballot measures.  They join the San Francisco Democratic Party and Democratic Clubs in the Richmond District, Potrero Hill, and the Central City who have also already voted to oppose the 8 Washington height increase.

Volunteers Needed for Mime Troupe Shows

If you’ve been looking for a way to be out in the beautiful weather and want to lend a hand to the campaign, we need several volunteers to hand out posters and literature at the upcoming Mime Troupe performances over the July 4th weekend.  A true San Francisco tradition, this year’s Mime Troupe performance of “Oil & Water” opens on Thursday, July 4th in Dolores Park, with performances also scheduled for Saturday, July 6th in Golden Gate Park and Sunday, July 7th in Washington Square.  All performances are at 2:00 pm — we need volunteers to donate a couple of hours to help out at each show.  If you’re interested in lending a hand, please contact the campaign at or (415) 894-7008.

Like Us On Facebook.  If you haven’t already, please take a minute today to ask a friend to like No Wall on the Waterfront on Facebook and help us pass the 750 likes mark!  Like us on Facebook by clicking here.
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top contributors include Richard and Barbara Stewart
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FOGG hopes you all have a great 4th of July Holiday!


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