FOGG Alert – October 29, 2013


Yes, only seven more days until the November 5, 2013 election.

We need you, if you are a San Francisco voter to vote NO on Proposition B and NO on Proposition C.

Please read our NO WALL Coalition Partner’s Notice from today. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 29, 2013”

FOGG Alert – October 25, 2013

A CLICK FROM YOU – Need Your Help!!

Please see this recent email from the Courage Campaign about NO on Proposition B and Proposition C.

We ask that you take their poll.  Help add another national group to our NO on Proposition B and C Coalition.

Thanks for your help. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 25, 2013”

FOGG Alert – October 24, 2013


KQED Radio – 88.5FM – Krasny Show – 8 Washington – TOMORROW!!!

The 8 Washington Street high rise luxury condominium project will be the topic on the KQED Michael Krasny Radio show on Friday, October 25, 2013.  The program will begin at 10:00am.  KQED radio is at 88.5FM.

You can listen online at this link:  KQED Listen Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 24, 2013”

FOGG Alert – October 14, 2013

SAVE THE DATE – Upcoming Debate – October 24!!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 24, 2013.

Propositions B and C – the 8 Washington luxury high rise condominium project – will be debated by Jon Golinger, the Campaign Manager of our Coalition Partner, NO WALL ON THE WATERFRONT COMMITTEE, and Alex Bash, representing the developer Simon Snellgrove. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 14, 2013”

FOGG Alert – October 11, 2013

They Heard Our Message – More to Do…

We had a great rally!

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, over 50 supporters of the NO on Propositions B and C, gathered at Pier 1-1/2 to show their unified support.

We rallied to respond to Mayor Ed Lee’s attending a press conference inside Mr. Simon Snellgrove’s office in support of the 8 Washington project. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 11, 2013”

FOGG Alert – October 5, 2013

How High Will They Go In $$$$…

The Snellgrove gang has struck again.  Almost $1 Million has been spent in their effort to sell their totally disingenuous and phony advertisements on Proposition B.

Here is the latest Press Release sent by our NO WALL COMMITTEE Coalition partners.

Please also see the updated “Wall of Gold” graph showing how much money the developers have spent on their campaign to sell the voters on the 8 Washington high rise luxury condominiums. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 5, 2013”

FOGG Alert – October 2, 2013


The San Francisco election campaign is now in 24/7 mode. The developer, Simon Snellgrove is spending large sums of money to convince voters to vote yes on Proposition B.

Many of you have been seeing the Proposition B advertisement running on local TV stations.  This is the advertisement with current Mayor Ed Lee and former Mayor, and now Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Many of you have also received the Proposition B advertisements in the mail.

We appreciate it when you tell us how misleading these advertisements are, and how upset you feel to see that these politicians who have sold out to Mr. Snellgrove.

Where does this money come from to pay for these advertisements?

Please read this excerpt from a NO WALL Press Release and you will know. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 2, 2013”