FOGG Alert – October 18, 2013


The truth is finally coming out about the 8 Washington high rise luxury condominium project.

It is bad for San Francisco.

Please see this article from the Thursday, October 17, 2013 San Francisco Examiner.  Article

The paper’s change of heart proves that once the issues are honestly presented, everyone understands why the developers are using smoke and mirrors, with no honesty involved.


Voting has already begun.  The SF election is Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

There is much to do to defeat Proposition B and Proposition C.

FOGG thanks the great number of volunteer supporters who are spending so much of their own time on phone calls… passing out literature…putting up NO WALL Posters…talking to their friends & neighbors.

You can help in two ways; volunteer your time, or make a donation.

Volunteer at NO WALL ON THE WATERFRONT Headquarters located at 15 Columbus Avenue in San Francisco.  Call them at 415-894-7008.  They are open every day until the election.  Their hard working staff will be pleased to hear from you, and will give you whatever information you need to participate.

Make a donation by clicking on this link:  Help Now!  Please make a donation.

Lastly, one of our supporters, Marc Bruno, sent us a Snellgrove advertisement marked up to show the truth about his campaign.  You can view it at the ‘Truthful Yes on B link on this website.

Let us keep up the momentum.  If we take nothing for granted, and move forward with our message, we will succeed.

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