FOGG Alert – October 29, 2013


Yes, only seven more days until the November 5, 2013 election.

We need you, if you are a San Francisco voter to vote NO on Proposition B and NO on Proposition C.

Please read our NO WALL Coalition Partner’s Notice from today.

Election Day is just one week from today. 

That means we only have 7 days left to educate voters who have been swamped with over $1.8 million in false and deceptive ads from developer Simon Snellgrove about Propositions B&C.

We only have 7 days left to motivate tens of thousands of supportive voters to cast their votes in a very low-turnout election with nothing else exciting on the ballot.  We only have 7 days left to do everything we can to win.

Imagine if you wake up the day after the election next week to discover that San Francisco’s beautiful waterfront will be blocked by a wall of tall luxury towers and family recreation areas destroyed because we failed to do more to defeat Propositions B and C.  This election is a toss-up and could be decided by just a few votes.  It’s that close.

Don’t wake up on Nov. 6th and wish you had done more to help us defeat     Props B&C.  Here are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to help us make sure we do everything we can to win on Nov. 5th.

1) Make a final donation to help us send one more No on B&C mailer and run one more No on B&C tv ad before election day.  Put your donation to work by the end of the day by giving online at

2) Volunteer this week by making phone calls to voters, walk precincts, and make our campaign visible citywide.  Come to 15 Columbus Ave. any day or evening this week and we will put you on the phones.  Join us this Saturday, November 2nd at 10:00 AM at 15 Columbus Ave. for GET OUT THE VOTE TO PROTECT OUR WATERFRONT.

3) Send an email to your friends and colleagues to educate them     and urge them to vote NO on B&C.  Sample email is below –  just cut, paste, and send it today:

Subject:  Why we are Voting NO on B & C

Dear Friends,

There is one extremely important issue on the November 5th San Francisco ballot I want to ask you to be sure to vote on:  Vote NO on Propositions B & C to protect our waterfront.

Propositions B&C are a sneaky attempt to fool voters into repealing height limits along San Francisco’s waterfront so that one developer can take public land to build a wall of tall luxury condo towers that will block the Bay.   Propositions B and C are strongly opposed by the Sierra Club, League of Women Voters, Democratic Party, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, San Francisco Examiner, Affordable Housing Alliance, and a broad coalition of community groups who are standing together to protect our city’s beautiful waterfront.

The slick ads in favor of these propositions promise new parks but fail to state the fact that two-thirds     of their promised new open space and recreation will actually be private and closed to the public.  Their ads also promise new housing but fail to state the fact that the 134 waterfront luxury condos created by Propositions B and C would actually cost $5 million to $10 million each with absolutely no affordable or middle-income housing.

It takes TWO votes to protect San Francisco’s waterfront from the 8 Washington “wall on the waterfront” scheme.  Please vote NO on both Propositions B and C on November 5th.

You can read the propositions and learn more at

Thank you for your time and consideration.

 No Wall on the Waterfront    

15 Columbus Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 894-7008

Paid for by No Wall on the     Northeast Waterfront, No on B & C, supported by local property owners, tenants, neighbors, and environmentalists.  Top contributors include Richard and Barbara Stewart.

We ask you to help.  Keep up the pressure by volunteering to make calls…send emails to your friends…and make one more donation to help send out the final mailers, and one more TV ad to let the SF voters why they must vote NO on Proposition B and NO on Proposition C.

FOGG knows our volunteers have put out a lot of energy these past many weeks.   It is time for the final push.

We need your help now!  You can get us there to defeat these Propositions!



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