FOGG Alert – November 1, 2013

THIS IS IT!! – FIVE DAYS TO GO – Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The San Francisco election is upon us.

FOGG doesn’t have a crystal ball to tell how the San Francisco November 5th election will go.  The voters will decide the future of the San Francisco waterfront.

A waterfront for all of us or high rise luxury condominiums.

We do know that our dedicated volunteers have done a fantastic job in getting the word out to vote NO on Proposition B and NO on Proposition C.

The opposition has the bucks and an abundance of false, misleading advertising.

We had the energy and dedication to oppose the increase in height limits and building a WALL of gated, exclusive condominiums on the waterfront.


Mayor Lee and former Mayor Gavin Newsom are selling this to you in the paid advertisements you are seeing on your TV and in the mail.

Our NO WALL ON THE WATERFRONT COMMITTEE Coalition Partner under the leadership of Jon Golinger, former Supervisor Aaron Peskin, former Mayor Art Agnos, headquarters staff Anand Singh and Tim Hester have done a fantastic job of organization, fund raising, and getting the message out.  We appreciate their tireless and inspiring efforts.  Thanks, guys!

FOGG also owes a deep debt of gratitude for the support in stating the issues, to Board President and District Three Supervisor David Chiu, and to former City Attorney Louise Renne.

What can each of you do in these last few days before the election?  We ask that you make that one more phone call to your friends and neighbors, send one more email, hand out one more NO WALL flyer.

Most of all, make sure you and everyone you talk to VOTE NO on BOTH Propositions B and C by November 5th.

The results of the online voting through the Courage Campaign that many of you participated in shows that 86% of those who voted are with us – opposed to both Proposition B and C.

You can view the results at the Courage Campaign Page link on this website.

We must also remember that the vote on November 5th will not be the end of the campaign to preserve our community’s outdoor recreational facility, and preventing further height increases along the waterfront.  Be prepared for more to come.

Again, our most sincere thanks to all who have given so very much in time and money.

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