FOGG Alert – November 7, 2013


Simon Snellgrove and his 8 Washington Street high rise luxury condominium project has been overwhelming rejected in the November 5, 2013 election.

Over 60% of the San Francisco voters said a resounding NO on Propositions B and C.

The voters strongly stated that our waterfront belongs to everyone, not to just a handful of millionaires, greedy developers and the politicians who back them.

Congratulations to each of you who spent so many volunteer hours and made donations to make this victory possible.

A very special thank you to our NO WALL ON THE WATERFRONT COMMITTEE Coalition partner for their skill and hard work in bringing so many community groups together for a successful campaign.

It was a grassroots victory!!

Now we must move ahead in making sure our victory is not a short lived one.  We must provide a positive and convincing long range plan for the northeast waterfront that benefits the neighborhood…the City…and the visitors who love the openness of our waterfront.

Stay tuned for what is the continuing saga of saving the San Francisco waterfront for everyone.

And once again, our sincerest thanks to all the FOGG volunteers who gave more than 100% for the cause.

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