FOGG Alert – February 2, 2014


FOGG wants to advise you of a very important meeting that we urge you to attend.

The Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group (NEWAG) will meet on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  The meeting is from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, and will be held at the Port of San Francisco offices located at Pier 1, Embarcadero at Washington Street, Bayside 1 Conference Room.

There will be a presentation of the ASIAN NEIGHBORHOOD DESIGN’s (AND) NORTHEAST WATERFRONT COMMUNITY VISION, by a representative of AND.

FOGG initiated and underwrote this comprehensive study of the Northeast Waterfront, with the support of a number of Community Organizations.

The NORTHEAST WATERFRONT COMMUNITY VISION comes from the community member’s desire for a comprehensive plan that addressed issues not emphasized by the official SF Planning and Port process, and that incorporates transit, affordable housing, community infrastructure and a funding plan and timeline.

The NORTHEAST WATERFRONT COMMUNITY VISION is intended to guide the use, character and design of future developments in ways that build toward the community vision articulated in this process.  The VISION seeks to balance revenue generating uses with open space and active recreation across all seawall lots in order to produce a plan that is both financially and politically feasible.  This should yield more revenue than the Port’s one-at-a-time approach to building on seawall lots.

This is the second update for the AND Vision, and we hope with your support it will succeed.

We ask that you attend this meeting.  We look forward to seeing you at the February 5, 2014 NEWAG meeting.

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