FOGG Alert – April 3, 2014

Robert Vergara Needs Our Help!!

Robert is facing a medical crisis:  Metastasized Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

Robert is the guy that greets us most mornings when we check in at the Club Tennis and Swim Desk.

He is always smiling and takes care of whatever you need.  He does his work so well that you may not even notice him as you rush off to your daily activities at the Club.

He is only 33 years old.

While Robert has medical insurance, there will be many additional medical and living costs that Robert will incur.

FOGG has been advised of a proper way to send donations to Robert.

Please visit this website to donate to Robert:  Help Robert Survive Cancer

FOGG is providing Robert’s friends and supporters with this website as a community service.  FOGG bears no responsibility as to the use of the website, and the disposition of any donations through the website.

FOGG’s primary concern is that Robert receives the best treatment and has a speedy and complete recovery.

As always FOGG thanks you for your continuing support.

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