FOGG Open Letter – April 15, 2014

CORRECTION – Summer Kids Camps 2014 – Donations – Update #2

We made a misstatement in our April 11, 2014 Open Letter.

Your donations made in 2014 cannot be deducted from your 2013 tax return.

 Only donations made before December 31, 2013 are deductible this year.  All tax deductible donations made this year will be allowed in 2014.

FOGG apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We still need tax deductible Scholarship donations for this Summers Kids Camps, and look forward to your financial support.

Donations may be on this website.  Please click on the ‘Donate to 2014 Kids Summer Camp’ yellow button on the right side of the website.

You may also mail your donations to Friends of Golden Gateway, P. O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA, 94126.   Please make checks payable to PDF/FOGG and write “Scholarship Fund” on the memo line.

As always, we appreciate hearing back from all of our supporters.  We have heard from so many of you from our beginning in August 2003.  We thank you for your continuing help.

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