FOGG Alert – April 19, 2014

Update on Robert Vergara

Here is an update on anchor tennis/swim deskman Robert Vergara’s medical situation. As we previously mentioned, he is battling Metastasized Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

First, FOGG wants to thank so many of our supporters who have provided financial and personal assistance to Robert. We know it has been received with deep and sincere appreciation by Robert.

Robert wants you to know that while a bit frightened what the future may bring he said that “I am proud to be a member of the Gateway family, and that this place is a beacon of love, compassion and strength, and how lucky I am to be part of that.”

Robert undergoes surgery on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at SF General Hospital. He will be hospitalized for a week, and then undergo post-surgery treatment with radiated iodine. He will be away from the Club through the summer.

You can still offer assistance by donating to his website:

Robert also has a “Blog”, where he can share his thoughts and feelings with you, and a “Help” button that features a calendar that you can click on to assist Robert with rides to and from doctor appointments, food, company, or anything else you want to offer.

You can read his blog at this link:  Blog

We know you all join with FOGG in wishing Robert a speedy and complete recovery.

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