FOGG Alert – June 4, 2014

PROPOSITION B is a Winner!!

FOGG congratulates the NO WALL team on another NO WALL on the WATERFRONT victory with the success of PROPOSITION B.

San Francisco voters approved Proposition B in the Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Primary Election.

For our supporters who are not San Francisco voters, Proposition B will let the voters decide whether to allow any development on Port property to exceed the existing height limits.

Many FOGG supporters as individuals worked as volunteers, and should be commended for the time and effort they put in to making a success of the Proposition B campaign.

While the voters have spoken on the present waterfront height limits, FOGG must continue its battle to preserve our outdoor recreational center (Bay Club the Gateway). Mr. Snellgrove is no doubt planning a new project that can fit under the present 84 feet height limit that exists on our recreational center; his so-called 8 Washington site.

FOGG is researching its options with the able assistance of our attorney, and volunteer workers. FOGG is also sure we will have the continued leadership of David Chiu, our District 3 Supervisor, and support of Supervisors John Avalos and David Campos. We look forward to finally putting to rest any proposed development that would destroy our community’s recreational center.

It must be remembered that when the Gateway (formerly The Golden Gateway) was first developed, it was done so with the support of Federal HUD dollars. It was stated that the land where the present recreational center is located in a series of resolutions was:

a) MAPPED on the Redevelopment Plan as recreational use, and

b) The site was transferred at no cost to the original developer, the Perini Corporation, because the land had no dollar value. This was also at the time when the balance of the area (GG Commons) was SOLD to Perini. So, inability to develop the present recreational site WAS and STILL IS an issue.

As always we look forward to having your continued support as we push ahead to preserve our open recreational space.

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