FOGG Open Letter – July 5, 2014


In the past few weeks there has been a good deal of speculation and rumor concerning the Bay Club’s change in ownership structure.

Bay Club President & CEO, Matthew Stevens has provided FOGG with the following statement to help clarify where the Bay Club is headed.

Since opening Bay Club San Francisco in 1977, The Bay Club Company has been committed to providing its members the best in active lifestyle amenities and experiences throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  In June 2014, Bay Club announced a new ownership structure including York Capital, the management team (120 employees), and JMA Ventures (minority investor).  With this ownership restructuring, members will see a marked increase in Bay Club’s commitment to recreation amenities.  Specifically, Bay Club has an immediate focus on expanding the tennis, swimming, and squash inventory in the marketplace (including SF proper), while continuing to be a recreation leader in northern California.  As new opportunities are finalized, members of Bay Club will be among the first notified of the New! benefits, services, and/or amenities available (based on varying membership structures).  For those who wish to speak with someone at Bay Club with comments, questions, or concerns – please feel free to contact their President & CEO, Matthew Stevens, at

FOGG appreciates the cooperation of Matthew Stevens in providing this information on the restructure of the Bay Club, and has kindly provided his email address if you have further questions. FOGG asks that you include us on your response to Matthew at when writing him, so we can be kept up to date with your concerns.

There is still a great deal that needs to be done in preserving our outdoor recreational center, the Bay Club at the Gateway. We have much more work to do and look forward to your positive participation, as we begin the 11th year of FOGG’s efforts.

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