FOGG Alert – August 27, 2014


Here is your opportunity to watch the California State Lands Commission (SLC) in action. This is the video from the August 15, 2014 meeting at the Ferry Building.

We previously told you about this meeting in our August 20, 2014 Alert. Now, you can watch how they conduct business.

The video is available at the State Lands Commission Meeting Video link on this website.

Of particular interest is to watch their response as to why they filed their lawsuit led by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, against Proposition B – the waterfront heights limit initiative. The SLC wants to strike down Proposition B that San Francisco voters overwhelmingly passed in the June 2014 election, giving them the right to vote on any increase in height limits along our waterfront.

You will also see and hear Proposition B supporters testify opposing the SLC’s lawsuit, and letting Lt. Governor Newsom know the supporters of Proposition B will continue to carry on the fight against him.

FOGG and its NO WALL partners are pleased to provide you with this update.

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