FOGG Alert – November 16, 2014

Waterfront Land Use Plan Review – Your Comments Are Needed!

We need your help.

The SF Port has begun a review of the Waterfront Land Use Plan. We have a chance to voice our position on what should happen along the San Francisco waterfront for many years to come.

The Waterfront Land Use Plan, first prepared in 1997 is now under review for an update after 17 years.

This will affect our community open recreational space – The Bay Club at The Gateway.

We have the opportunity to express our concerns about the future development of Seawall Lot 351 at the corner of the Embarcadero and Washington Street. SWL 351 is currently a parking lot.

As our supporters are well aware, developer Simon Snellgrove is going to present a new plan by the end of 2014, for what is known as the 8 Washington site. He wants to combine SWL 351 with our community open recreational space – The Bay Club at the Gateway.

His previous plan for luxury high rise condominiums was overwhelming defeated by San Francisco voters in November, 2013.

Mr. Snellgrove will not go away by himself.  We must beat him.

You can help us beat him.

FOGG urges its members to go to the SF Port website to review and comment on the Waterfront Land Use Plan.

You can find the Waterfront Land Use Plan information for SWL 351 at this link. Chapter 3 – Ferry Building Please scroll down to page 82 to begin.

We call your attention to The Ferry Building Waterfront Acceptable Land Use Table – Page 89. 

You can find the information in the Waterfront Land Use Plan for 8 Washington at this link.  Seawall Lot 351 – 8 Washington St.   Please scroll down to page 229.

We ask that you write your statement by scrolling down to ‘COMMENTS’ at this link. Comments to Waterfront Land Use Plan

FOGG has supported the recommendations developed by the Asian Neighborhood Design (AND) group and community participants in developing SWL 351 as “recreation…bicycle…transit and youth-oriented activities that would complement the existing Bay Club at The Gateway…”

This would include a waterfront bike, sport and transit center similar to the one in Chicago’s Millennium Park, with a café or restaurant at the corner of Embarcadero and Washington Street.

The AND Vision can be read at this link.  AND Community Vision

FOGG believes that anything built on SWL 351 that would obscure views from Telegraph Hill cannot be accepted. Any development must be an integral part of the step down view from the heights.

Further, our community’s open recreational space must be preserved.

The deadline for comments on the Waterfront Land Use Plan is December 1, 2014.

We urge you to make every effort to send in your comments in support of FOGG’s position.

We believe that the SF Port must understand that our neighborhood community wants development that serves ALL San Franciscan’s and those that come to visit our waterfront. It belongs to everyone.

Stay positive and please write your comments before December 1, 2014.


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