FOGG Alert – February 13, 2015


FOGG welcomes 2015 on a positive note.  We know its Friday the 13th, but we have GOOD NEWS!!

On Friday, January 9, 2015, Superior Court Judge A. James Robertson II ruled that the EIR (Environmental Impact Report of 2012), for the proposed 8 Washington project did not meet adequate standards, and must be set aside.

Mr. Snellgrove’s Pacific Waterfront Partners possible alternative plans for 8 Washington to use the 2012 EIR as a legal document to support their efforts to proceed has failed.

Judge Robertson II based his decision on that PWP unlawfully relied on outdated traffic data from 2007, and nullifies all approvals that were included in the EIR.

PWP could file an appeal with the Court of Appeals, but this would take at least a year to be heard.

We must congratulate Susan Brandt-Hawley, attorney on behalf of a broad coalition of neighborhood groups including Neighborhood to Preserve the Waterfront, San Franciscans for Reasonable Growth, No Wall On the Waterfront, and of course our many FOGG supporters.

Susan – You made a great presentation. You can read her News Release at the February 13, 2015 Page link on this website.

And, the SF Chronicle has published an article about this Superior Court ruling.

This article can be read at this link. SF Gate Article

In closing, we think it is now time for the Port Commissioners to make a clean break from this failed project and take a fresh look at the best way to allow everyone to enjoy this prime part of San Francisco’s waterfront.


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