FOGG Open Letter – March 14, 2015

Summer Kids Camps Scholarships – 5th Year!!

FOGG, with the cooperation of The Bay Club At The Gateway, is happy to announce that we will once again provide Summer Kids Camps Scholarships for low income kids this summer.

This is in spite of all the roadblocks that the 8 Washington high rise luxury condominium developer (Simon Snellgrove) threw at us, and continues to throw at us. As you are aware, Mr. Snellgrove wants to demolish the Club and build on this site.

It will be up to you whether we have a successful 5th year of Kids Camp.

FOGG needs your financial support for this community wide program that gives kids from low income areas a once in a lifetime event of fun, games and social interaction in a safe and family friendly environment.

Remember, your donations are tax deductible, and for every scholarship FOGG provides, The Bay Club At The Gateway will match on a one to one basis.

We thank the Bay Club for their continuing support.

FOGG already has commitments from neighborhood organizations who want to send their kids to Summer Kids Camps this summer.

We don’t want to turn them down. We ask you for the needed financial support.

Any amount that you provide means very much. Donate what you are able to afford. Just remember, for every $500 received, we have one FOGG Scholarship and one from the Bay Club.

Send your summer Kids Camps Scholarship tax deductible donations to PDF/FOGG , P.O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA. 94126. On the memo line write “2015 Scholarship.” Should you prefer donate on line, please click on the ‘Donate to 2015 Kids Summer Camp’ yellow Donation Button on this website.

FOGG will keep you updated on our progress as we approach the opening Kids Camps date in early June. The sooner you donate the quicker we can sign up the needy kids.

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