FOGG Alert – March 26, 2015


Judge Suzanne Bolanos, at the March 25, 2015 hearing, ruled in Superior Court on the motion to dismiss the State Lands Commission’s claim that Proposition B is invalid.

Judge Bolanos ruled that Proposition B was consistent with the Burton Act and the San Francisco Charter.

She also ruled that it was a factual question as to whether a later legislative action pre-empted voter initiatives like Proposition B.

This issue will be further presented and discussed at a court hearing on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 in the Judge’s chambers.

Right now Proposition B still stands. No increase in height limits on SF Port property without voter approval.

One last thought.

Should the State Lands Commission win this case, a victory for them would mean that voters in 80 other local California jurisdictions with waterfront property will have no voice in what happens to their waterfront property!

This means that if the SLC wants to build high rise condominiums or office skyscrapers from San Diego to the Oregon border on waterfront property, the local voters would have no choice!!

FOGG is optimistic that the voters of San Francisco will prevail with Proposition B eliminated. All of California’s waterfront property land use will be decided by the local voters.

Thanks to all FOGG supporters who attended the March 25, 2015 hearing.


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