FOGG Alert – September 4, 2015

 End of Summer – Update – Kids Camp And More!!

FOGG extends our best wishes to all of our friends and supporters.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday!

Summer is coming to a close and this is the last week of the Summer Kids Camps Program. This 5th year of FOGG’s Scholarship Program was our most successful.

Thanks to the many FOGG supporters who provided the donations which allowed kids from lower income areas to enjoy the fun, games and social interaction in a safe, family friendly environment.

Almost 50 youngsters were supported this year!!

FOGG also must express its gratitude to the Bay Clubs management for supporting the Scholarship Program on a one to one basis.

Thanks again to all of you!

A special thank you goes to Lela Woltjer and Paige Niesyn, who head up the Kids Camps Program. Lela and Paige did a wonderful job of coordinating the many weeks of summer activities. They and their dedicated staff worked endless hours to insure the kids had a great time.

In other summer news, FOGG stays ALERT to the possibility that there will be further pressure from the Developer to build on the Club site. At the moment all is quiet, but everything is still on the table.

As once said by Yogi Berra “It’s Not Over Until It’s Over.”

FOGG is optimistic that we and the Gateway Club will be around for a long, long time. We are vigilant and we will not let our guard down.

Thanks again for your support for the past 13 years, and again enjoy the Holiday.


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