FOGG Open Letter-November 23, 2015

Lots to Be Thankful for…

FOGG sends its annual Thanksgiving best wishes to you and your family.

Another year, 13 to be exact, that FOGG has been doing this. And it was a good one for all of us who believe in preserving our community’s outdoor recreational center; Bay Club – The Gateway, and keeping our waterfront open space.

FOGG is thankful for the fine efforts of the legal team; Susan Brandt-Hawley, Louise Renne, and our attorney, Sue Hestor. We won in the courtroom, and in public opinion.

We are thankful for our FOGG volunteers and their efforts in supporting us. Without all of you who have given your time to our cause, our open recreational space would have been demolished and turned into luxury condominiums in 2004.

The Bay Club management has been with us all the way again this year, and their support is deeply appreciated.

FOGG now has additional support for which we are sincerely thankful. The following will explain what we mean.

…“I am pleased to confirm that the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee will provide a grant donation of $15,000 to the Summer Kids Camp program that FOGG organizes at the Gateway Bay Club. The camp program’s goal of helping low income kids through a sports camp over the summer period aligns perfectly with the 50 Fund’s goals of supporting underserved youth throughout the Bay Area and helping to close the opportunity gap that exists in our region. We are very happy to support your summer camps program with this donation from our 50 fund.”…


Keith Paul

CEO & President

San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

And, our longtime supporters and friends at the Embarcadero Center added an additional $5,000 to the Kids Camps Scholarship program. Their yearly donation is most appreciated.

With this kind of generous support for our efforts we look forward to a successful and fun 2016 at the Bay Club – The Gateway.

FOGG congratulates Aaron Peskin on his November 3, 2015 election victory for the District Three Supervisor seat. Aaron has been a longtime supporter of FOGG, and we look forward to working with him on issues of concern to our neighborhood.

FOGG wishes all the best to Julie Christensen, the Mayor’s appointed District Three Supervisor, who lost the election to Aaron. FOGG hopes she will continue with her many community interests.

There is still more to do in preserving our community’s open recreational space. Let us all remain vigilant and positive in the months to come.

Have a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving!

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