FOGG Alert – April 2, 2016

8 Washington Update – CalSTRS Still In?

FOGG told you in our March 6, 2016 Alert that developer Simon Snellgrove has quit.  He has terminated his Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with the SF Port for Seawall Lot 351.

As you are aware, he wanted to combine SWL351 with The Bay Club – The Gateway site, demolish the Club and build high-rise luxury condominiums.

His partner in this development known as 8 Washington Street, was the California State Teachers’ Retirement System – CalSTRS.

CalSTRS has not yet quit.

FOGG met with a representative of a developer working with CalSTRS who is interested in building on the Club site.  He said they wish to recoup their investment by developing an 84 feet high hotel, improve the Club facilities and put in 3 swimming pools.  Nothing was mentioned of retaining the tennis courts.

FOGG will continue to fight to make sure that does not happen!

We have strong support both in San Francisco and Sacramento.

FOGG wishes to share with you California 17th District Assemblyman David Chiu’s letter of March 24, 2016 to Harry M. Keiley, Board Chair of CalSTRS.  David’s letter is well timed as we see what CalSTRS is still wanting to do.

You may read David’s letter at the Page link on this website.

David, formally San Francisco District 3 Supervisor, and Board President, has long been a supporter of FOGG’s efforts to preserve the community’s outdoor recreational center (The Bay Club – The Gateway).

David asks that CalSTRS finally recognize what the community and voters wanted:  NO HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT ON THE WATERFRONT that would demolish the existing recreational center.

CalSTRS spent $44 million dollars of teacher’s retirement funds on a lost cause led by Mr. Simon Snellgrove.

FOGG, at the meeting with the CalSTRS representative, made it clear this possible hotel development was a non-starter, and if CalSTRS persists in such a plan we will again have the community’s support in preventing this to happen, and if necessary go to the ballot box one more time.

You may also read about this in the recent Hoodline article – our neighborhood online local news – by Geri Koeppel at this link.


FOGG sincerely thanks David Chiu for sending his letter and alerting us.

We would hope that many of you would like to join with us in telling CalSTRS to stop this nonsense by writing to:

Mr. Harry M. Keiley, Board Chair, CalSTRS, 100 Waterfront Place, West Sacramento, CA. 95605, or emailing him at

Please send a copy to FOGG of your correspondence either by letter or email.

Our mailing address is:  FOGG, P.O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA 94126.

Our email address is

We particularly ask that our California teachers write to CalSTRS on our behalf.

FOGG is presently working on our proposal to build an Activity Center on SWL 351 including bicycle, aquatics, tennis, fitness and an indoor/outdoor café open to the public.  So far our outreach with community groups, SF Supervisors and the SF Port has been 100% positive.  It would be a perfect fit for the Gateway Club to manage.  We will fill you in with more details as we refine our proposal.

We look forward to your responses to CalSTRS, and any comments that you would like to share with us.

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