FOGG Alert – September 16, 2016

Simon Snellgrove Sells The Piers Development on SF Waterfront

FOGG wants to update you on Simon Snellgrove and his Pacific Water Partners development on the San Francisco waterfront.

Snellgrove has sold the office and retail development at historic Piers 1 ½, 3 and 5.  You can read the story at this link.  SF Business Times Article

As our supporters are long aware, FOGG has been battling Snellgrove for over 10 years as he attempted to build high-rise luxury condominiums – the 8 Washington Street project – that would have demolished our community’s open recreational center – The Bay Club – The Gateway.  The 8 Washington proposed development is just across the Embarcadero from The Piers.

Our District Three Supervisor, Aaron Peskin, sent the Interim SF Port Director, Elaine Forbes, a public request for further information on this sale.  Elaine’s prompt response can be read at the Forbes Email of September 12 2016 Page on this website.

While we say goodbye to Mr. Snellgrove, there are others still hoping to build high-rise buildings on the Club site.  We must continue our vigilance and stay alert to what the future may offer in the way of unneeded development on our community’s open recreational center.

Let us end on a positive note:  Mr. Snellgrove’s restaurants at Piers 1 ½, 3 and 5 are first class, and we thank him for the needed improvements on the waterside of the Embarcadero.  Where he went wrong was trying to cross the street to our neighborhood’s site.

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