FOGG Alert – January 9, 2017

FOGG ALERT January 4, 2017 – Update

FOGG gave you the latest information and status we had on the pending State Lands Commission (SLC) lawsuit against the City of San Francisco in our FOGG Alert dated January 4, 2017.

That Alert can be read on this website.

This lawsuit is led by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, who is Chair of the SLC.

FOGG had a number of responses from our supporters to our January 4th Alert.  We thank you for getting back to us with your comments.

We wish to share with you the conversation one of FOGG’s long-time supporters Eleanor Burke, and her friends recently had with Mr. Newsom.  It certainly gives you some insight into what his thoughts are on the Proposition B height limits passed by the San Francisco voters in June, 2014.

“…He (Gavin Newsom) was at the Balboa Café a while ago when I was having lunch with friends.  As he passed by our table to leave, we all grabbed him and pleaded with him not to ‘ruin our waterfront.’ “

“He stood there for 45 minutes giving an illogical argument (‘we must have one rule for San Diego, another one for San Pedro and another one for San Francisco, he asserted)”

When we asked him in unison why not, he just repeated just what he said. :”Why” we asked him, “does SF have to have high rises on the waterfront  just because San Diego doesn’t mind having high rises on their waterfront? “

“He responded his Mantra for the third time. Clearly we got nowhere with him.  But he wasn’t home free. The next table did the exact same thing. He is not winning fans in SF.  I never saw him as an empty head before, but that he is.”

FOGG asks that you share the January 4th Alert and this one with your family and friends who live in California.  We feel you can see how Mr. Newsom is working the system to better his own cause, together with his developer friends.

FOGG will continue to seek further information and details on how to prevent the State Lands Commission (Gavin Newsom) from destroying what the voters of San Francisco overwhelmingly chose: Control over the height limits on their waterfront.

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