FOGG Open Letter – March 15, 2017

SF Chronicle Article – March 9, 2017 – Worth a Read

The David Talbot article in the March 9, 2017 SF Chronicle, about his interview with former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos is worth a read.  The interview is over a bowl of matzo ball soup.

The former Mayor, who has been a strong FOGG supporter, gives his insight into some of the happenings in San Francisco and some thoughts about what could happen next.

FOGG thought you would enjoy David’s interview with former Mayor Art Agnos. You may read it at this link.

SF Chronicle Article March 9, 2017

FOGG particularly enjoyed former Mayor Agnos’ comments about former Mayor and now Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, and his State Lands Commission lawsuit against the City, concerning Proposition B.

Proposition B passed overwhelmingly in 2014, giving the voters of San Francisco the right to decide if present height limits on the waterfront could be increased.

Proposition B has worked well as voters have already approved additional height limits at Pier 70, and the SF Giants development project.

FOGG looks forward to continuing the fight to preserve open recreational space, not only the Bay Club – The Gateway, but along our precious waterfront.

We thank David for his fine writing effort.  There is nothing like a warm bowl of matzo ball soup to sooth the nerves.

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