FOGG Alert – August 9, 2017

State Lands Commission Lawsuit – 6th Update – Trial Date

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos has issued a formal order denying both the State Lands Commission (SLC) and the City of San Francisco Summary Judgement motions.

Judge Bolanos has stated that the trial would begin on Monday, September 11, 2017.

You may recall that Proposition B, passed by the San Francisco voters in June, 2014 requires voter approval before a developer can exceed the present height limits on San Francisco Port waterfront properties.

In denying the SLC’s major claim that Proposition B on its face invalid in any of its applications, this is a big win for our side.

The SLC must now prove that the height limits on Pier 70 and Mission Rock projects, with the increases in height limits that the voters approved are “subjugated” to statewide concerns to local interests on one or both of these projects.

You can read the entire formal order at the Page link on this website. 

FOGG will keep you up to date on any further changes and the exact time and place of the September 11th trial.