FOGG Alert – January 26, 2018


State Lands Commission Lawsuit – 10th Update – Summary Article

FOGG wants to give you the latest information available on the lawsuit filed by the State Lands Commission (SLC) vs. the City of San Francisco concerning Proposition B.

Proposition B, passed by the San Francisco voters in June, 2014 requires voter approval before a developer can exceed the present height limits on San Francisco Port waterfront properties.

Closing arguments were on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

48 Hills, the San Francisco and Bay Area’s independent, progressive news and culture site has an excellent summary of this court case.  You can read the article written by Michael Toren at this link.

 48hills Article

FOGG particularly wishes to thank Deputy City Attorney Christine Van Aken for her excellent defense of the voters of San Francisco.  She was factual, strong and thorough.

Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos is expected to hand down her decision shortly. 

We will let you know what the Judge rules.

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