The Steering Committee of Friends of Golden Gateway met on Wednesday, March 8th, with Simon Snellgrove (San Francisco Waterfront Partners), who is proposing a new development project on the site of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.
His proposal by would relegate the outdoor Club activities to the north end of the Club, approximately where the existing pools and tennis courts 6 – 9 are now.  Six tennis courts, and two swimming pools, reconfigured, would be available on the proposed site.
Mr. Snellgrove wants to construct underground parking for at least 350 cars at the site, and build two buildings with a total of 170 high priced condominium units, the most expensive housing in the city, as he stated.  The buildings would be 84 ft. in height, and be located at the corners of the Embarcadero and Washington, and Washington and Drumm Streets.   Entrances to the underground parking would be on the Embarcadero and on Washington Street, with the exit on Washington Street.Â

His proposal includes a public walkway through the property from Jackson/Drumm to the Embarcadero. Â There would be no Club House facilities on the outdoor activity site.

The Club House would be located on the condo side of the public walkway, and could only be reached by crossing the public walkway.

It should be noted that Mr. Snellgrove is the developer of Piers 1 1/2 – 5, where shops and restaurants will soon be een opened. 3  It goes without saying he needs parking, and since part of the property for the new development is under control of the Port Authority (presently a parking lot), they will no doubt support the opportunity for additional parking space. Construction would require the demolition of all existing Club outdoor facilities.  Construction of the new Club could take up to two years.  We have no guarantee that the new Club will happen.

The FOGG Steering Committee is opposed to such commercial usage as it destroys one of the few outdoor open recreational spaces still available to our community. Â The plan would certainly reduce, if not eliminate, activities that promote the welfare of our youth and families.

We ask members of FOGG to be ready to do battle, once again, to preserve the open recreational space.  Soon you will be called upon for as much assistance as possible.

We will keep you advised of developments as they unfold. Attendance at meetings…letter writing…lobbying…fund raising, whatever it takes to stop this development.  We have had a period of relative quiet.  Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, go back to work and all become active in saving the Club.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Please contact me
Lee Radner
Chair, FOGG

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