FOGG Open Letter – October 16, 2009

There is one good thing that has come out of the Planning Department’s Community Workshops: It has shined a glaring spotlight on the Planning Department and Port Staffs intent to ignore the concerns of the neighborhood and community, and to move forward on their predetermined schedule for excessive height limits and an oversized underground parking garage on Seawall Lot #351 and the present Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club as proposed by San Francisco Waterfront Partners. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – October 16, 2009”

FOGG Open Letter – October 1, 2009

We want to thank the many FOGG members who attended Wednesday’s Planning Department Workshop at the Ferry Building.  It is gratifying to see you all stand up for our belief in saving the open recreational space in our neighborhood.  It is also gratifying to see how many of you have done independent research on the history of the area and voiced concern at the flawed statements presented at the Workshop. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – October 1, 2009”