FOGG Alert – March 27, 2012


The Tuesday, March 27, 2012 SF Port Commission hearing will not take any action on the 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 proposed project.

Your attendance is not required.

No action is being taken due to the appeal that has been filed.  We will advise you when updates become available.

FOGG Alert – March 26, 2012


FOGG is moving right ahead by having our attorney, Sue Hestor file an appeal to the Board of Supervisors on the 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 Environmental Impact Report  (EIR).  We understand that Equity Office Properties (EOP) will also be appealing to the Board of Supervisors. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – March 26, 2012”

FOGG Open Letter – March 24, 2012


FOGG wanted to take this opportunity to thank the 40, yes 40 supporters who presented testimony at the Thursday, March 22, 2012 joint SF Planning Commission/Recreation & Park Commission meeting.

Many more were in the overflow crowd of supporters.  This was very heartwarming.  Sincere thanks to everyone who presented their views in support of our cause.  We really appreciate it. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – March 24, 2012”

FOGG Alert – March 19, 2012


Please don’t forget – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Planning Commission & Rec/Park Commission joint meeting on the 8 Washington/SWL 351 Project, 10:00am – City Hall, Supervisors Legislative Chambers, Room 250.

We need as many of you as possible to attend and testify on our behalf.

It is not too late to review our TALKING POINTS by going to the link on this website.

If you have not already done so, we ask you to send an email of support for preserving our community’s open recreational center (GGT&SC) to the Commissioners & Supervisor President David Chiu, with copies to us.

The list of public officials to send your email of support to is in our FOGG Alert of March 1, 2012 on this website.


We want to acknowledge our consultant Brad Paul, and volunteer Theo Armour who put together a one minute video called the ‘Wall of Wealth.’

You can watch it at this link:  Wall of Wealth

This video will show you what will happen to the neighborhood if the proposed project is approved.  It will give you even more reason to attend the March 22, 2012 meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there, and thanks so very much for your support.

FOGG Alert – March 12, 2012


FOGG is confirming that the SF Planning Commission Hearing on the 8 Washington/SWL351 proposed development is now scheduled for Thursday, March 22, 2012.  The Hearing will begin at 10:00 am.  It is at City Hall – Supervisors Legislative Chambers, Room 250.

We ask as many FOGG supporters as possible attend this very important meeting.  We also ask you to be prepared to offer testimony on behalf of preserving our open recreational space.

Well, we have been here before in the past several months, but this time FOGG expects this hearing to take place.

A tip of our hat goes to our steely eyed attorney, Sue Hestor.  The SF Planning Commission had to once again, cancel a hearing (now 4 times since December, 2011).  Sue found a serious discrepancy in the required public notice that prevented the Commission from holding the March 8, 2012 hearing.  Every delay is a plus for us and a real headache (financially and in achieving his ill-gotten ends) for Mr. Snellgrove and his supporters.

We owe Sue a deep debt of gratitude for her knowledge and experience in understanding the intricacies of the legal maze that we are up against.  That is why it is so very important that FOGG receive your tax deductible donations to keep the momentum we have achieved moving ahead.  FOGG thanks the many who have contributed to our success so far, but we really need additional funds to support and continue our efforts. This is not the time to slow down.

Please send your tax deductible donation to Friends of Golden Gateway, P.O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA 94126.  Please make your checks out to PDF/FOGG, and on the memo line write “tax deductible donation”.

Or you can donate online by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link on this website.

FOGG knows we can count on you to come through at this critical time.

This delay also gives those of you who have not written emails or letters of support additional time to send them in.  You can review our TALKING POINTS at the link on this website. The the list of public officials to send your email of support to is in our Alert dated March 1, 2012 on this website.

We will update you on how FOGG will be preparing for the hearing in the coming days, and thanks to the many who have already written on our behalf.

Lastly, the Tuesday, March 13, 2012 SF Port Commission vote on the project has been postponed.  There is no need to attend this hearing.  This meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

FOGG Alert – March 7, 2012


The March 8, 2012 San Francisco Planning Commission meeting on the 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 proposed development has been CANCELLED.

DO NOT GO to City Hall on Thursday, March 8, 2012.

FOGG was advised last night of this change.  The Planning Commission will have to meet to select another date for the hearing.  This new 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 hearing date could be determined at the March 8, 2012 meeting.

FOGG will provide you further details when they become available.

FOGG Alert – March 6, 2012


The Planning Commission meets Thursday, March 8, 2012 on the 8 Washington/Seawall 351 proposed development.

The Hearing will begin at 10:00 am.  It is at City Hall – Supervisors Legislative Chambers, Room 250.

We need your help.  This is your time to contribute and fight to save our community’s open recreational space.

Here is some pertinent information on meeting procedures (thanks to our attorney, Sue Hestor)

Be Prompt/Early to get seats.  Doors should be open by 9:45am.

Make sure you fill out Speakers Card if testifying – President will call out names.

Tentative schedule of Hearing:

Brief Presentation by Environmental Staff on EIR Certification

Possible Presentation by Recreation & Park Staff – Shadows on Sue Bierman Park

Presentation by Planning Staff – 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 project

Possible presentation by Port Staff

Presentation by Developer

Two 15 minute blocks of “organized opposition” testimony – FOGG & Ferry Building


Environmental Impact Report (EIR) adequacy

Shadow Limit

Building height increase

Conditional Use

Aspects of the project

All testimony must be in 3 minute segments by testifiers.  This is the first and last opportunity for the public to speak.

Be prepared and ready to speak when your name is called.  There will be a great number of speakers on both sides, so stand in line when your name is first called. (President’s discretion).  At your turn move to the rostrum and speak directly into mike. Try not to read off of paper if possible – Remember you only have 3 minutes.

You still have time to review our TALKING POINTS by going to our FOGG Talking Points link on this website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions by replying to this email.  We are all in this together and we want you to be prepared.

Will look forward to seeing you on Thursday, March 8, 2012.